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Spray All Day ( not really ) PLAY ALL DAY

Our daughter loves all things house, baby doll & make believe, so this year for Christmas we decided to give her a playhouse to call her own. Very fitting since her brother has a tree house and there are, "No girls allowed". I looked at many models online and found this beautiful wooden playhouse on a Black Friday special. It was perfect for what I had planned. It needed only a little bit of help to make it just right for our sweet girl. My goal was to make it blend in and match our home, help protect this fun project from the elements and make it ridiculously cute. This playhouse was larger than most of the models I looked at and had quite a few pieces to assemble. I was able to put it together without any help. Assembly was relatively easy, it just took a little time. If you don't have a paint sprayer yet, I highly recommend it! I saved so much time because of it. I had no idea what I have been missing out on all of these years.

Here I am hard at work: *(note photos five and six are stock images from the playhouse company to show the before painting finished product since I sprayed unassembled.)

Maybe you already have a playhouse and want to revamp? The Wagner FLEXiO 2000 would be a great investment for you. I painted the entire playhouse with this amazing sprayer in less than 10 minutes and applied the second coat about 25 minutes later in 5 minutes. The amount of time I saved was wonderful. I was pressed for time, because I was working on the playhouse while the kids were at school. I also love that I am able to use this sprayer for many, many projects to come. It is perfect for all of my painting needs! Now that I have it, I will also be more apt to do more DIY projects, because it cuts the time down to nothing. I wish I would have got one sooner. Here is the exact model I have:

Advice: To make this project even easier, paint in portions so you do not have to mask things off, then assemble. I put the main body of the house together, applied two light coats with the Wagner Sprayer and then added the darker wood accents once the playhouse had dried.

I'm really happy, our daughter LOVED it! I know with the little bit of extra time put in to help preserve it (painting, staining and upgrading fixtures) it will be used for years to come and stay in great shape.

Colors Used:

1 Gallon Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint in Dover White ( The same color I used on the whole interior of our home ). Tip: If you have extra paint like I did, save the left over in a mason jar for touch ups when needed. Sprayed with Sprayer.

1 Gallon Sikkens PPG Proluxe Log & Siding Stain in Dark Oak #009

This product is amazing! It is the BEST for anything wood. You apply two coats with a brush and it leaves the most beautiful finish that will not need to be recoated for many years to come. I will say it is a little more high end than other stains and sealers, but it is a all in one product and is so concentrated a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this stain/sealer. I also had plenty left over for several other projects.

After spraying and finishing up the assembly:

I opted not to use the included chalkboards to make the house more open.

Upgraded the door handles to some large crystal knobs.

Added a chandelier from Aunt Paige. (Thank You!)

Wrapped two sets of small twinkle lights around the windows and chandelier.

Added some cute accessories like the plastic light bulbs, the party garland and the wreaths.

I also painted the kitchen pots and pans light pink.

My Daughter and I added crushed granite today and plan to lay some Saltillo tile inside the house later this week.

Heres the finished product!
Finished Playhouse Front Door
Finished Playhouse Back Porch
"Porch Picnic Area"
Playhouse at Dusk

Thank you so much for checking out my latest project! Do you have a playhouse you plan to remodel now? Do you have a little one in your life that would love this? I think the little "extras" really brought out its curb appeal, what are your thoughts, questions? Let me know in the comments!


Heavenly Father, thank you for our children who bless us each day. Thank you for allowing us to be able to bless them. I am so thankful. We love you.

In Your name we pray,


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