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Are Fall Family Photos a Thing?

YES!!! Especially on the Frio River.

While summer is my favorite season of all (by far), the best time in my humble opinion to book a photo session is the fall. Besides getting the most gorgeous, irreplaceable photos that will last a lifetime, you can enjoy my favorite fall scent ever. The smell of the crisp, fallen pecan leaves as you walk crunching under your feet. It instantly takes me back to my childhood and all of the fond memories I have from this area. If you want this experience to the max, then you must visit The Frio Pecan Farm while in the area, we the Shandley fam, LOVE it there.

In Texas, its warmish / coolish enough in the fall to get away with wearing your dream outfit without burning up or freezing and in other news your perfect makeup won't melt off in ten minutes like it would in the summer heat. Thus leaving you with the most ideal photo setup possible. Whether you are looking to take some gorgeous engagement, family, styled shoot (or any photo session type really) fall is your time to shine on the Frio River. It's still green enough here that there are some native blooms and grasses to give color in addition to incredible Texas fall color change, not to mention the weather usually cooporates in the area during the fall. We strive to shoot our Christmas card photos in the Fall to avoid the last minute rush during the holidays (and me possibly failing to mail them out).

Pro tip: The Frio is almost uninhabited in the "off season" aka FALL. Leaving you and your photographer with the most gorgeous jewel-like water backdrop & pretty leaves practically to yourself.

My photographer of choice is for any type of session is Amanda Silva of her very own The Texas Tumbleweed Photography (she comes so highly recommended by me!) She is so incredible in all shooting situations. Not only is she extremely kind and personable, but she makes all of my photography dreams come true. Bridal, Family, the kids worm business, the list goes on and on. She goes above and beyond to make sure our photos turn out PERFECT ( I mean wading fully dressed in the Frio River in blue Jeans to get the shot perfect). She works wonders with babies, children and husbands of all ages. Her style is perfectly unposed in my book. Her eye for detail is unsurpassed and the result of it produces authentic, real life beauty. I cannot wait to work with her again soon.

Your photographer will have recommendations based on your photo goals.

Frio Gal Photo Location Ideas:

Wherever your stay is booked

Even if you're not with a photographer, be sure to stop by our photo ops at Josh's Frio River Outfitters in Concan and Leakey, TX and take some selfies. Our backdrops make it easy to get gram worthy photos. Find and tag me on Instagram and Facebook! Josh and I love seeing your fun vacay pictures and it brings me so much joy and happiness to see fun memories made in the cool spaces we created for your enjoyment.

I hope you feel inspired to visit the area this offseason when the cottage and cabin rates are low and the area is the most exclusive. If you need help finding the perfect place to stay send me a message. I would be happy to make a recommendation of my favorite staycation sites based on your needs.


Heavenly Father, thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful seasons, thank you for the Frio River and for the ability to make special memories. Thank you for our wonderful photographer and all of the other photographers out there. Thank you for all of our wonderful local lodging options with their kind owners. I pray that they are all Blessed and that our visitors are reminded of You when they see and experience the unique beauty of the area I call home.

In Your name we pray,


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