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Frio Love Lock

Aaaaah. Love is in the air at Josh's Frio River Outfitters in Concan, Texas.

The Frio River is such a special place, it is so dear to my heart as well as countless others who visit the Texas Hill Country or are blessed enough to call it home. I am so happy and proud to announce the opening of our love lock walk. This has been a while in the making and we are so excited for this summer, summer of 2019, the kickoff year. We love the idea that we can help others celebrate love. Love for so many things, found in one special place. You may find these adorable heart locks in several different colors inside Josh's Concan or Leakey location. You may also find your perfect pinning spot at either one. I am so so so excited about this! It will be so fun to see all of our awesome #frioriver loving friends leave their #lovelock ! Those close to me know I love all things heart shaped , making memories and seeing people celebrate what they love. Placing a lock is a great way to commemorate a family vacation, anniversary, etc! Leave one with your bff, significant other, children, in remembrance if someone you love, in celebration of something special. The possibilities are endless. It’s kind of like a time capsule, you can see each time you visit the #Frio .

What to do while in Concan, Texas? I feel THIS, #friolovelock pinning is a must do while visiting us!

Who do you plan to leave a lock with this summer?

I left mine with @joshshandley because he always supports me and my "crazy" dreams, you're the best and I'm so blessed to be able to do life with you.

Please know that we want to keep the aesthetic of our shops. This is a permanent display and only the locks we carry in Josh’s will be allowed to be placed on the #friolovelock walk. These colorful heart shaped locks were carefully selected to help make a beautiful, colorful result as locks are added over the years. The amount of space we have for locks is quite expansive, we challenge you to place it somewhere creative.

We hope that you'll leave a little piece of your heart here at the Frio. I know I do when I'm away. Please, find me on instagram or facebook and tag me in your love lock photos, I would love to see them! #lovelockbridge #frioriver #concan #leakey #destination #txhillcountry #uvaldecounty #realcounty #tubethefrio #lovelockbridge


Heavenly Father, thank you for Your unconditional love, a love which knows no end. Thank you for a chance to help bring more love into this world and an opportunity to celebrate those we love in a fun way. Please bless everyone reading this and let them know how loved they are by You.

In Your name we pray,


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