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"O" The Simple Things.

I’m so obsessed with big O key rings!

I dislike juggling my keys when I’m out and about. Carrying kids, boxes, shopping, and opening doors can be a pain. With my O-venture keyring it is as if I have another set of hands! Who couldn’t use another set of hands right? These “bangle“ keychains make things so simple. I just unclip the locking clasp and add or remove my keys as needed! I personally love the leather version (mine is luxe white fifty shades of lizard), but the price of the silicone option can’t be beat (the silicone one is also perfect if you love to workout or if you are outdoorsy and want something water friendly.) These are amazing quality, I am really rough on mine and it still looks perfect! O-venture also makes amazing wallets that carry all of your essentials, in addition to your keys. Yay! I love clipping my little credit card wallets or coin purses on my key ring and switching them to match outfits when I don’t feel like carrying a purse. (Which is all the time with the kids!)

Some of your most frequently used items can be your best accessories! Phone case, key ring, etc. Go with it.

When you do decide to put your “O” in your purse you will not have issues finding your keys. If you would like to get an O key ring of your own or purchase one as a gift we carry them in my boutique Josh’s Frio River Outfitters! If you don’t live in the area just send me a message and I’ll get you taken care. We offer free shipping on all boutique items. These are seriously seriously awesome and not to mention so cute! My key ring is one of my most asked about items when out and about. How could something so simple be so luxe? I love that O-venture’s motto is “carry only what you need”. They are passionate about making women’s lives easier one small detail at a time while putting a smile on their faces and I admire that! I am soooo in love with O-Venture key rings and I know you will be too.


Thank you Lord for the small things in life that make every day tasks just a little bit easier. Thank you for pretty little things, that make life more beautiful. Thank you for all of our blessings. We love you.

In your name we pray,


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Tristin Hibler
Tristin Hibler
21 jun 2018

I love my O ring/wallet I use it every single day😍 I just bought two rings and wallets for my sister and mother in law for their birthdays and they love them so much. 💓❤️

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