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Happy Wife, Happy Life

So, in a roundabout way I guess you could say this blog entry is about being a happy wife. (Who doesn't want to be happy right?!) Our happiness can be made by our husbands. This entry is about them not us, so lets focus on ways to praise and make our husbands the best possible version they can be.

Find out what his dreams are, then help him achieve them. You'll find out you have more in common than you thought along the way and make memories together.

It's not easy. Marriage is not a walk in the park, but it is so much fun to be married to your best friend and ultimately share everything with your other half. My husband is my best friend and I am his. I truly believe a husband reflects your actions, so put forth good things and get good things in return. I need love and affection from my husband as he does from me. Find out what you do that makes him happy. Ask, I'm sure he will have a list for you.

Make time for him. Find out what his dreams are, then help him achieve his goals. You'll find out you have more in common than you thought along the way and make lasting memories together. This opens up the door for quality conversations and lets him know you actually do care about his hobbies (no matter how silly they may seem to you. No, shopping is not fun to him). Just because you don't enjoy reloading ammo does not mean you cannot keep him company while he's prepping the brass. It is totally fine if you are not engaged in conversation, this time can serve as a mental break for you even if youre not engaged in conversation. (Yes, it is o.k. to sit in the room with a cup of tea and read a book. Just relax.) Men, like women want to feel special. Your time is just that. Valuable. He will see that you are making an effort and that you do want to spend some time one on one with him. I know my husband admires when I spend time with him and it makes my heart happy to bring a smile to his face.

Make God a priority. We cannot rely solely on our husbands for happiness, just like they cannot rely on us. However, God can fill that gap. Want a happy marriage? Yep, you've guessed it. God is the secret to it. After all, all good things come from God. A happy marriage is one of those "good" things. God created marriage to make us happy and promote higher values. It's easy to binge watch episodes of our favorite show after a long day, (it's also totally o.k. to do that) but it is so much more rewarding to read the Bible or listen to a sermon together in bed. You have to make time for God, He belongs in your marriage. Every marriage has room for improvement and no one is perfect, (where would the fun be in that?) but thank goodness God is. As you feed your own soul you are also building up your spouse. It is a win, win situation. (I'll attach a link to my favorite Podcast channel, the sermons are short and easy to relate to especially for your husband.) You will find yourself craving this special time together and wanting to improve. LINK CLICK HERE (Yes, it's free.)

P.S. I also love streaming Christian music while I work at home, it creates a tangible atmosphere where we live, helps the time pass and honestly puts me in a better mood while I'm working.

What's not to love? Whatever you do, do it with love. Write a sweet note on a post it. Put a special snack in his truck. Pray for his day to be blessed and then text him and tell him today is going to be a great day. Sweet nothings are the best. You do not have to use all of your energy to keep him happy. Say I love you with actions that come from the heart. Tell him when something makes you happy. Yes, sometimes they are clueless (as are we when it comes to some things), but just like we are learning how to be a better wife, they are learning how to be a better husband. Our differences are what make our marriage special.

What do you do to show your husband you appreciate him? Please share in the comments below!

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you to remind each person reading this how special they truly are in Your eyes. I ask you to be with us as well as our husbands as we grow together in love. Keep our minds focused on you so we may be more like You. Let us become even more happy and not struggle to spend time together but flourish in Godly love for each other. Let us be a joy to be around and loving friends. We ask you for patience and wisdom. Let us be a blessing to our husbands. We ask this in Your mighty name.


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Tristin Hibler
Tristin Hibler
Mar 11, 2018

Such words of wisdom. I find myself doing the same things with my hubby and it's SO True💕 I love this🤗

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